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House Rules

GameMasters (GMs)

In Hattrick there are a number of GameMasters, or GMs. GMs are a small group of especially skilled and responsible players who have been appointed to make sure the game flows smoothly, working to prevent cheating, and to help players that are experiencing various problems with their teams. The GMs are volunteers, and they make themselves available because they enjoy helping others.

There are times when the GMs must act for the betterment of the community, and must ban or suspend players for violations of the rules. If this should happen to you and you believe that your punishment is in error, you may appeal. But, and this is important, in Hattrick the same rules apply as on the soccer field.

You may request to see the evidence that the GMs have used to decide on your punishment, but they are not required to allow you to view it. After all, giving access to all their data will hamper the GM's ability to catch future cheaters. The GMs are not obliged to prove possible cheating. However, it is the GMs' obligation to suspend any users they're convinced are cheating.

The GameMasters have the authority to issue several different forms of punishment, from in-game fines to your club to complete suspension from the game.

The GameMasters' decisions can be appealed to the Senior GameMasters, whose decisions can't be contested. Please be aware that punishments that are under appeal can be increased or decreased once a final decision has been made.

We on the Hattrick team support our officials. The GMs discuss the principles of preventing cheating with us on a regular basis, but we never involve ourselves in specific cases. The persons appointed as officials are people we have whole-hearted confidence in.

To contact a GameMaster, please visit our contact page. Please do not use the internal HT-Mail system to contact officials for in-game matters. The internal mail is for them as managers of their clubs, not their role as officials. Additionally, all official correspondences between yourself and game officials are considered private and should be treated as such.

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